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1. How long have you been on DA?
Hmm....well, according to my profile about 5 years. So since 2010.

2. What does your username mean?
Well it is really the slightly altered name of an old D&D Paladin who used power of soul magics called 'incarnum' which eventually took on a life of his own beyond D&D and has several incarnations, both in my head and in various video games.

3. Describe yourself in three words.
Boring, gamer, dragon

4. Are you left handed or right handed?
Left. We lefties shall inherit the world! >: )

5. What was your first deviation?
This pile of garbage:  A Soft and Cuddly Night'Twas a perfect night for a walk. The breeze was nice, the temperature was mild, and not a cloud in the sky. This is why Emien came out for a walk through the park in the first place, to enjoy the night and gather his thoughts. He enjoyed nights like this as it helped him gather his thoughts. Lately he was thinking about his future, if he chose the right career path for himself, and whether or not he was truly prepared. Such thoughts that have been stressing himself a lot lately.
Emien sighed to himself, "I'm glad I did finally decide to come out tonight. The nice weather makes it easier for me to relax, collect my thoughts," Emien said to himself as he walked by a lamp post, "Of course it doesn't keep me from talking to myself like this. Bah! I need to focus." He shook his head and sighed, "I wish I didn't have to deal with all this stuff about jobs and careers."
Suddenly he felt his foot bump into something soft. "hmmm?" Emien looked down and saw a quadrupedal, gold dragon plush, jus

6. What is your favorite type of art to create?
Literary....cause it is the only type of art I can create. >.=.>

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Any visual art style, really. Though I wouldn't mind learning how to draw comics.

8. What was your first favorite?
It was either this Death Note: L Gets an Idea. by SilentReaper or this Bath Time by imaginism

9. What type of art do you tend to favorite most?
Anything with TF, TG, and dragons. Preferably all three. x3

10. Who is your all-time favorite deviant artist?
Don't make me choooose! D:

11. If you could meet anyone on DA in person, who would it be?
:iconreel123:. He seems like a very interesting person to meet with and chat stories with. And as modest as he is he is far more interesting than me. And I'm a crazy who thinks she is a gold dragoness trapped in a human body. That is saying something. xP

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
Well, I have to say that :iconreel123: actually inspired me with his stories to start putting more effort into my stories indirectly through his own works. Granted there are others who've I've followed in the past that I enjoyed their works but Honestly Reel's stuff was the true push. Not sure why, honestly. Just something about the worlds he makes and the characters he creates that inspire me. That and I wish I had his work ethic... and spare time. xP

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
Desktop, laptop, Galaxy S5, Google Docs and Open Office

14. What is the most inspiration place for you to create art?
Anyplace where I can keep myself from being distracted.... which is hard as I'm easily distracted from my own work. >.=.>

15. What is your favorite DA memory?
That is a tough one to answer. Especially since I have a terrible memory. I guess the one I remember the most is when I first came in contact with :iconreel123: when he asked for character ideas for his story series and it kind of lead up to a much longer conversation.....and then another....and then another.....and then me starting a series in his Unveiled Legends universe and just kept going up from there. ^.=.^
  • Listening to: random stuff
  • Reading: TF stories
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: Magic Duels: Origins and Fallout New Vegas.
  • Eating: food
  • Drinking: water and soda


EmienDorwin's Profile Picture
Current Residence: at home
Favourite genre of music: Techno
Favourite photographer: none
Favourite style of art: If it looks good then I like
Operating System: Windows XP
Skin of choice: My own :P
Favourite cartoon character: Ichigo Kurosaki
Personal Quote: "Damn typo demons!"

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